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​Traveling, especially for us women, can become a bit of a hassle, with hair flying all over the place, or skin getting a tad bit too oily. Whether is by train or a flight or even within the city in an auto, every bit of the environment seems to want to attack our supple body. And these days with flight security getting paranoid, things get a bit problematic when we’re asked to leave behind a full bottle of face wash. So, if you’re going away for a long or a short holiday (essentially, if you don’t have access to your private bathroom), you may just want to keep the following points in your mind to save yourself a bit of time.Christina's India auto


​1) Small, smaller and the smallest

​If you’re not doing this already, you should consider using all the free samples you may have received from beauty stores for travel. And because these are small, you can probably finish most of the items on your vacation – so you can just dispose or recycle the empty containers before heading home. Whats more? Your luggage just got a bit lighter!

2) How can one fix flat hair, though?

​On longer travel itineraries, especially if a journey leg is 8 hours or more, our hair just doesn’t want to co-operate with us anymore. It more or less results in a flat spot in between the neck and the top of our head. An easy fix is to dampen the part that is flat, so that the direction of the root is corrected, and then use a regular brush that you’d normally do.

​But, if you’re in a situation where you have to, say, attend a wedding ceremony, after a long time consuming journey? If you apply a hair mask just before you get onto the train, or plane, as the case may be, and (of course) tie your hair into a knot inside the mask – cleaning your hair with your ritualistic shampoo and conditioner after you reach will make is nice and shiny and bouncy. What’s more? Your travel stress is relieved a lot faster!Showerh

​3) Things that do multiple things

​Sometimes, it’s just a good idea not to carry that overflowing pouch packed with all your essentials. Find things that can multi task. Perhaps a shampoo that can also add volume to your hair? Or maybe the typical petroleum jelly that doubles up as your hand cream as well as lip balm? A lot of options to play with here…

​4) Drinking?

​This point is most importantly directed towards frequent fliers. And we are not talking about Friday night go crazy drinking – we’re talking about staying hydrated with water. It is important to hydrate your skin and body – remember that high altitude airline flying is in an environment that is cold, but extremely dry. You don’t want to be caught going to your next meeting with dry and flaky skin, with a complexion that’s fairly dull. You must drink lots of water. We’d also advise you not to depend on the water that hostesses serve you in a small cup – buying a bottle of water after security seems to be the only option these days. We have always been advised about drinking 2 litres of water everyday, and traveling doesn’t give us an excuse to stay hydrated.

​5) Ziplock bags are a saver

​Letting every piece of your daily care items be thrown around in your bag is quite an irritating experience, if we say the least. Bobbins(in a box, of course), hair rubber bands, safety pins can go in one bag, and cotton buds, cotton cubes and pads can go into another. Besides, this helps stuffing everything back into your travel much quicker too.

​May we also advise you to double zip lock your leak prone items, like your shampoo bottle. High altitudes also mean low air pressure in the baggage hold – this means easy-open caps on bottles will tend to open mid flight. To help things further, you could consider using a cello tape to seal it close – it also helps opening them much faster.

​6) Car travel blues

​Sitting in a car for long hours could also mean using a cooler to keep your…ahem…drinks cool. This is the perfect opportunity to keep a tablespoon in the cooler. When your eyes get puffy (the likelihood of that is high), use the tablespoon’s rounded side to be put on your closed eyes – much like a cut cucumber on the eye.

7) Body movement

​Long hours in a car or flight easily cramps up the body, and even though your body isn’t moving too much, you feel tired. Circulation in the body becomes slower and hence you feel it’s effects. You must move around the aisle about every 45 minutes, and if it’s a car, stop by for the roadside chai every now and then.


And so we come to the end of this list. With these tips, hopefully, your travel necessities become easier and more efficient, and you remain looking your best. I love travelling and therefore I left a few tips that I follow, but of course there are a lot of different people doing different things that I don’t yet know about – and I’d like to know more.
Do you have more tips for me to include here? Leave a comment in the box below.


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