About Us

Christina Beauty Parlour and Christina’s Salon are both Women’s Beauty Parlour (s) in Bengaluru, Karnataka. This page describes a brief history about the parlours and what we do.


Christina’s Beauty Services started with a lone shop in 1988, back when our Bengaluru was just a sleepy town.

Prior to 1988, Christina used to work at a Salon at the then Windsor Manor. Then, with the support of he husband, she started Christina Beauty Parlour at Vasanthanagar on 4th August 1988. Over the years, she spearheaded the establishment from day one and still does today.

You can see our evolution here :

Christina Women's Beauty Parlour from 1989
Christina Beauty Parlour from 1989
Christina Women's Beauty Parlour from 1999
This is us from 1999
Christina Women's Beauty Parlour  Interior Photos 4
And now, Christina’s from 2017


We understand the need for the privacy and security of women, and that is why we run a women’s beauty parlour. We focus on your needs, on your feminine requirements, and try to bring out the best in you.

Besides, a three decade life of commitment and service to pageant queens, celebrities, family, friends has given us a lot of learning and experience to deal with all the feminine needs of today’s modern woman at a women’s beauty parlour .

At Christina’s, we have a menu list of all the services we can provide you – and if you’re looking for something over and above that, just mention it to us and we’ll do what we can to help you achieve what you want.

Christina’s Women’s Beauty Parlour (s) now serves you from multiple locations! Come by and see what we have to offer!


Mrs. Christina Hsieh is the spearheading person who founded Christina Beauty Parlour. She has painfully, and single handedly, transformed Christina’s from when it started, to what it is now. Christina has been the go to person for a lot of ladies of Bengaluru, and she continues to be that person for them, because she loves helping women look their best – and she’d love to do that for you as well!

Christina Beauty Parlour past
Christina Hsieh, 1989
Christina Beauty Parlour Owner
Christina Hsieh, 2017


We have only recently started our online services – we strive towards making it easier for you, and this is our first step towards doing that. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please do leave them in our feedback form, or email us, or just tell us in person.